The Oldest School in Petaluma, Established 1979
Petaluma Academy of Martial Arts
620 Petaluma Blvd No
Petaluma,CA 94952
Welcome to Petaluma Academy of Martial Arts
PAMA is a traditional Martial Arts School for the whole family.
We offer:
KENPO KARATE, the original mixed martial art, for its realistic self-defense and personalized training through private lessons and mentoring.
LATOSA ESCRIMA, for its weapons training & power concepts.
TAI CHI, for its health and healing aspects.
Our Kenpo Program offers a combination of
*Physical Training
*Kick Boxing
*Katas & Techniques
*Tai Chi
*Character Building
We encourage students to take private lessons so their teacher-mentor can personalize their training to what works best for each individual.
Children are taught the same Kenpo Karate as adults, but with more emphasis on physical fitness and self discipline. We also have "bully" defense and awareness-escape drills.
At PAMA we teach Children and Adults Martial Arts' traditional values, mixed with humor & fun. All students earn their belts through testing. We do not award Black Belts to children because we feel that a Black Belt must be able to defend themself againt adults.
Dan & Nikki Cuthbertson
Referral Program
Belt Test
Friday, Sept 9th
Grand Master
Wed, Sept 14th
6 - 8pm
Balisong Knives
(Butterfly Knives)
6:00 PM