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Develop. Grow. Express.


We can practice Tai Chi for as long as we live. It is powerful and graceful and a great alternative to “growing old”. Our Tai Chi classes combine healing aspects of Chinese medicine, martial application, and principals that can be applied to daily life.

Tai Chi is a great art for relieving stress, improving balance, and becoming more aware of our internal and external energy. Preventative health can happen by being sensitive to our bodies immune system and what role our positive (or fearful!) attitude plays in our health.

Our classes start with a 5 minute meditation, gentle stretching, and Chi Gung. Then we will work on techniques or principals of movement.

The form we start with is the Yang style long form, also known as the 108. The form has three sections and takes anywhere from 12 to 30 minutes to perform. There is no pressure to be perfect and there are no wrong answers as long as you breath deeply, relax, and enjoy the health benefits that are automatically integrating as you move. Advanced students can also learn the short form, 40, 48, Fan set, straight sword, broad sword, two person sets, and martial arts application. It is a good class for external martial artists that want to add internal principals as we get older and broken from karate, boxing and contact.

We offer a STRESS REDUCTION CLASS to Corporate clients. The class is taught on-site for your convenience & utilizes

Tai Chi, Qigong & Yoga.

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