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40th Anniversary Demonstration

BOOKSET, at the Beach, March 19, 2020

Yang Style Short Form

20th Anniversary

Tai Chi at PAMA

Photo Gallery

Mr C Sword
Kenpo Kids
Kenpo Kids Bear Hug
7-12 Group
7-12 Block
Belt Presentation
Thomas Self Defense
Belt Presentation-2 4-23-18
Belt Test-1
First Belt Test
Jasmine Self Defense
Jasmine Salute
Matt Self Defense
James Self Defense
Monday Group
Private Lesson
Tai Chi-2
Chi Gung
Tai Chi Fan Set
Women's Self Defense
Mr Barber 3rd Degree
Mr McGuire 2nd Degree
Mr Isaak 2nd Degree
Broad Sword
Self Defense-4
Self Defense-2

Learn the Major Bones & Muscles

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