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PAMA began in 1979 as the “Water Street Exercise Studio” in the old Petaluma Mill. The School moved to the historic McNear Building in 1981, and became “Petaluma Kenpo Karate School”. PAMA has enjoyed its current home in the old  Hatchery Building  at 620 Petaluma Blvd. North since 1983.
In 2004,  on our 25th anniversary,  the name was changed to Petaluma Academy of Martial Arts. This name change was because Tai Chi and Latosa Escrima became requirements for achieving Black Belt.  We also, frequently, invite teachers from other arts to offer workshops or special classes. We are much more than Kenpo, though Kenpo is the primary focus of our beginner students.
Mr C.’s Kenpo and Escrima blend of training is excellent for spontaneous response to attack, using anything and everything available as a weapon. This training, combined with kickboxing, helps students deal with contact and helps build confidence and physical endurance.

Phone: 707-778-1069      Text Message: 707-787-7569

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